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The Next-Gen Art Museum

Grey Nft is a multichain franchise with a frame work built to give a whole new and different perspective to the Nft space

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Grey Museum

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Metaverse Museum

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The Grey Museum is a multi-chain metaverse project created by the Grey Nft Franchise to revolutionize the world of art as we know it. Imagine a place where the rarest as well as the most ridiculous of Art(s) and their history can be found... Picture the Monalisa in a museum but this time right on your computer along side famous paintings of Picasso and more for you to explore. Besides the fact that the grey museum holds ancient and modern art history as well as NFTs which educates NFT enthusiast on what the world of NFT and art is about, the museum holds a collection of creative art ranging from the first to the most recent of rare art in the world ever created, it's history and all you need to know about them.

Grey Pass a world-first decentralized keypass NFT Lovers.

Earn grey tokens the more time you spend in the Grey Museum

Aleph Zero

Coming first to the Aleph Zero chain GreyNft presents the first of it's kind. With the innovation of it's block chain we plan to stretch the limits of our ideas as well as imaginations

premium azero

The premium pass for the museum that grants you access to crazy rewards (cash, art...etc). For every second spent in the museum with your NFT staked, you are rewarded

Mint Date: TBA


Also coming to the ZKsync, we're cutting across is it all

premium avalanche

ZKsync Premium Pass

Mint Date: TBA


We also have our eyes on the Avalanche blockchain

premium avalanche

Avax Premium Pass

Mint Date: TBA

Binance Smartchain

Yes!!!, the smartchain community can't be left out

premium avalanche

Binance Smartchain Premium Pass

Mint Date: TBA


YES!!! Ethereum The Ethereum community would also have the access to the Mint Musuem following the mint event

premium avalanche

Ethereum Premium Pass

Mint Date: TBA


And finally to the SOLANA network- Home of Legendary Arts. The community would also have access to the grey museum at the end of the mint event

premium avalanche

Solana Premium Pass

Mint Date: TBA


We bring you an amazing experience with these features:

feature 1

Grey Hunts

Here you stand to win cash rewards from every hunt and task completed.

feature 2

Find Rarest Art Works

This is created for art lovers that want to have the feel of a museum right from there computer where artworks are displayed in an amazing 3D experience

feature 2

Art Hunt

Users of the museum get an opportunity to participate in art hunts and game where they stand the chance getting rare items(s) as well as classic and premium cards alike

IDO coming soon

GREY Token

  • Used on Grey Museum
  • Fixed Supply with great tokenomics

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